Staying Positive with Gardening during Covid-19

I heard a saying today that April showers bring May flowers! And with everything going on in our world right now we are all deserving of something beautiful.  Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful things in your life, family, friends and loved ones.  Thanks to each and everyone of you for doing your part to flatten the curve and keep our loved ones safe.

It hasn’t been easy find things to do during this outbreak and with so many restrictions we are really limited to how far we can venture.  Now is the perfect time to get your home and garden ready all while staying well within the social distancing guidelines.

Spring is one of my favourite times of year because it’s when we see new things beginning to grow again and new life takes shape, giving a sense of hope so desperately needed right now.  One of the greatest things about gardening is that it is a fun, healthy experience that allows us time to do something that feels normal, and natural, without worrying about contact with other people and what surfaces they have touched or what they have come into contact with. Take this time to relax out side, breathe the fresh air and let the warm spring sun settle on your face.  Reap the benefits of a reduced stress environment and remember that gardening solo or with your family is Dr. Henry approved!


Flowers and your Well Being

So, let’s talk flowers.  Apart from spectacular colors and aromas, sometimes they are even a tasty treat – right?  Many flowers a full of edible nutrients that contribute to overall wellness.  Along with all these amazing benefits we know that flowers contribute to our health in many ways.  One of the benefits that really rings true right now is:

“The same Rutgers studies propose that flowers have the power to reduce stress. Because they increase positivity in moods, they can reduce levels of anxiety and allow people to feel more at ease. Mood responses, such as stress and anxiety reduction, are considered a secondary response to enjoying flowers”.

Read this great article on the benefits of flowers:

We are in prime planting season and we have many beautiful plants for you to plant yourself or take the guess work out and hang some easy to maintain baskets around your home or situate them in a pot.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful designs for this season!



Gardening with Children

 If you’re like me you’re in the midst of the longest spring break ever.  The challenge becomes finding things to do with our kids when we are stuck at home so much of the time.  Gardening with your children is a healthy, fun activity with numerous health and wellness benefits for all of you.  Help your kids learn about science and nature by trying your hand at growing your own food, don’t worry no massive garden needed, we have lot’s of easily potable herbs and some delicious lettuce and tomato plants that are super easy to maintain.  Gardening is a great opportunity for kids to learn some hands-on skills by using various tools and equipment – let them learn to plant, mulch and cook the fruits of their labour.

Below is a little article with some great information about gardening with children and some of the development benefits:



Small Space Options

Don’t let the size of your yard dictate your ability to have a garden.  There are so many great space saving planter options that will allow you plant some flowers, herbs and veggies.  Ask us about these options as we can help you source out a local product to suit your needs.

Hanging baskets are also a great option to incorporate lots of vibrant colours with limited space.  Our baskets have beautiful trailing plants and become a dazzling piece of décor when hung around outdoor spaces, homes and set into tall planters.  Easy to maintain? You bet, just fertilize once a week and water daily.


Thinking About Growing Your Own Food?

Here’s some great articles on growing your own food during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This crisis may be a tipping point for many of us to look at what we can grow at home but many of you may choose to continue to make this a part of your lives.  As we all know, homemade anything seems to just taste better!

Pick up and Delivery

MacDonald Acres is practicing safe social distancing during this difficult time.  Baskets can be chosen ahead of time via video chat, pictures or you may opt choose your baskets in our nursery by scheduling a private time slot or we will be happy to deliver. We will be scheduling dates and times to deliver to designated areas.  Baskets will be pre-paid and dropped off at your door.

Payments can be made via e-transfer or credit card payment over the phone.   250-718-2167


Products available:

12” hanging baskets

16” coco lined hanging baskets

Spring Bowls

Vegetable Bowls

Herb plants

Tomato plants

Basket fillers

Misc Vegetable plants

We are now taking pre-orders for hanging basket for 2020! Baskets will be ready for pick up by Mother’s Day:) Pictures of our products can be viewed in our Gallery.




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